March 23, 2014


Founded by an artist and educator, No Corner Sun’s knows your art ability goes beyond the symbolic stick person or corner sun. Art is everywhere and for everyone.
I’m Heather Kostal, founder of No Corner Suns Art Studio.  I have been a public school art teacher since 1998.  I received my Bachelors degree from Eastern Illinois University and my Masters in Art Education from Boston University.  My students’ work has been published in magazines and honored at national exhibitions.  As an artist I have designed pieces and logos for local businesses and have illustrated several publications. Besides running this art studio, I am also a part-time elementary school art teacher at Elm School in Burr Ridge, and the K-8 art teacher at Holy Trinity School right here in Westmont. I love to teach art, and I love sharing it with the community as much as possible!

Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be an artist.  It wasn’t until 7th grade, when I had my first real art class, that I knew I wanted to teach art too.  I knew I wanted to share my enthusiasm for art and teach others all the wonderful and creative things they could do.

Why “No Corner Suns”?

As an art teacher, I have a love/hate relationship with the corner sun. I love seeing a kindergartner scribble the sun meaningfully in their landscape. I love seeing the second grader add it to a still life picture where it clearly doesn’t belong, and I even kinda love it when a fifth grader adds it to their picture.
I first realized how much I hated it when I saw parents helping their preschoolers in art and systematically drawing corner suns, M birds, and lollipop trees around their child’s scribbles. I suddenly started seeing the corner sun scrawled on everything from advertisements, websites, children’s books, and toys. Adults were constantly using the corner sun as a representation of art. That’s not art, it’s a developmental symbol. Children move beyond it, adults need to too.
Every single one of us is an artist. We don’t sit in a studio and paint for 12 hours a day, but we all have unique ideas, creative visions, and the ability to make a mark meaningful. It is important that children and adults take the time to explore creativity and learn to appreciate our visual culture. Art is the meeting place for all other subjects. Art teaches a universal and timeless language. Art improves critical thinking. Art is everywhere and is for everyone.