Teen/Tween art enrichment will be starting on Friday from 4-5:30pm on November 11th. It runs for 5 weeks, and is $85. The same exact class also begins on Thursdays, 4:15-5:45pm November 17th . Neither class meets the week of Thanksgiving. These classes are interchangeable – I know teens are busy, so if your child cannot make it to one Thursday, but can make it Friday, or can make it one Thursday and a Friday – etc… it will be okay! You would only have to register online for one, and just keep me posted on the dates they can attend. Our curriculum this session will concentrate on some color theory with art history, mixed with figure drawing and pop culture. It’s serious and fun. I’m kind of excited about it. Most of our teens are not receiving a quality art education past 5th grade. Here’s a great article stressing the importance of the visual arts. http://ift.tt/2eQ2Ln0

from No Corner Suns http://ift.tt/1t4lSFj